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Laravel 5.7 + VueJS Basic CRUD

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple crud application using Laravel 5.7, VueJS, and AdminLTE . I assume that you already know how to install Laravel 5 on your system. If you don’t, please refer to the official website. If you have laravel 5 already in your system. Then we’re good to go. Environment and Layout Preparations Read more about Laravel 5.7 + VueJS Basic CRUD[…]

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Basic Laravel 5.7 CRUD API using Fractal and Transformers

In this basic tutorial, we will create an API to create read update and delete (CRUD) a post using Laravel Transformers. Create Posts Table and User Controller Create Posts Table Create posts table through migration :

Open the newly migration file and add some attributes :

Run the migration :

Create UserController Read more about Basic Laravel 5.7 CRUD API using Fractal and Transformers[…]

NodeJS MongoDB Security and Authentication

In the previous tutorial, we have successfully created a simple CRUD using NodeJS API. We will go further based on the previous code that we have made to create the security and authorization method using JSON Web Token(JWT) and Hashing. Setting Up the User Model Installing NPM Validator Module We will modify the User model Read more about NodeJS MongoDB Security and Authentication[…]