WordPress-Like Blog Laravel 5.6 and AdminLTE 3 (2) – Frontend Layout

In this second part of Create WordPress-Like Blog using Laravel 5.6 and AdminLTE 3, we will :

  1. Create the Frontend Layout (Home and Single Blog Layout) using the layout that we had downloaded before (read the Part 1 of this series).
  2. Modify Routes/web.php

1. Create The Home Layout

Open the blog-home template and copy css/blog-home.css to public/css folder. Delete the default app.css inside the css folder. Copy vendor folder to public folder.

Create main.blade.php inside resources/views/layouts folder (create layouts folder in advance).

Create sidebar.blade.php inside resources/views/layouts folder

Create new folder ‘blog’ inside resources/views

Create index.blade.php inside resources/views/blog

Create show.blade.php inside resources/views/blog

Create comments.blade.php inside resources/views/blog

2. Modify Routes/Web.php

Last but not least, modify routes/web.php

Open terminal, type php artisan serve, and open http://localhost:8000 on your browser :

frontend layout

Next, open http://localhost:8000/blog/show for the single blog template :

frontend layout 2

Github 2nd Part

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